Wow… I am so excited for this! Especially for the skirt featured above, it’s sweet as a peach! I love H&M clothes and wish I could fit into a lot of the styles so this news is very exciting. NOw and then I find a size 14 or a 16 at my local H&M and if I am lucky it will fit! So to be able to shop some great styles that will ALL fit makes me very happy.

H&M had this to say…

This spring H&M presents Inclusive – a one-off collection of colourful and feminine fashion with lots of attitude in a wider than usual range of sizes. The twenty pieces will be available in sizes 32-54 and will be sold exclusively through H&M Online from early March.The collection includes figure-flattering party dresses in 50’s styles with large polka dots and rose patterns, as well as skirts, tops, cardigans and lingerie following the same theme.

I can’t wait for March! :) You can check out more info and pics at Madison Plus.

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