Remember when Anna Nicole Smith walked the runway for Lane Bryant? She was so beautiful and voluptuous. Her modeling days for companies like Lane Bryant were happening at the same time that I was discovering plus size fashion and realizing that I didn’t have to try and squeeze into straight size anymore, and that clothing went beyond that. I am so excited to find these pictures and the video below of Anna Nicole for Lane Bryant, it makes me feel all nostalgic & happy :) She was truly an inspiration.

And how AMAZING is this video of Lane Bryant‘s runway show in 2002!?

I hope to see a fashion show as great as one day!

Let me run down the list of amazing aspects about this show:

– Fashion show closes with Anna Nicole Smith walking down the runway
– KISS is playing on stage!
– Mia Tyler is modeling
– Lara Johnson, Kate Dillon, and CarrĂ© Oti are also modeling
– And I am pretty sure that is Tyrese walking the girls down near the end! HOT!

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