Not sure what to get that special ‘makeup loving’ someone on your Christmas list this year? Don’t worry! I am here to help. As a responsible beauty blogger (read makeup addict), I have tested A LOT of the products, and have taken the time to narrow down my top beauty picks for the holidays.

While the smells of LUSH can tantalize your nose from miles away, the store itself can be somewhat overwhelming. With well over 200 bath and body products, it’s hard to know what to choose. As an experienced LUSH addict, I have narrowed down my top five holiday products, perfect for that special beauty on your list.


Lush Snow Fair Shower Gel ($16.95 CND for 250ml):
As one of LUSH’s most coveted items, Snow Fairy, a creamy, sweet smelling shower gel/bubble bath is only available during the holiday season. This hot pink, shimmering shower gel smells like a combination of candy, strawberries and vanilla making it perfect for any ‘girly girl’ on your list.

LUSH Cinders Bath Bomb ($4.95 CND):
With the sweet and spicy scents of cinnamon candy, Cinders bath bomb is perfect for that special someone who needs a little time to herself. Once thrown in the tub, this bath bomb, packed full of popping candy, makes sounds similar to those of a warm, crackling fire. With almond, citrus and cinnamon oils, this bath bomb leaves the skin feeling super soft.

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar ($6.95 CND):
As someone who usually prefers sweet candy-like scents, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved the smell of this jasmine and ylang-ylang scented bubble bar. To me, Christmas Eve smells like fresh, clean laundry . Like all of LUSH’s bubble bars Christmas Eve creates mounds of bubbles when crumbled under running water. With skin and hair smoothing Irish Moss Powder, this bubble bar is perfect for the ‘tub-loving’ lady on your list.

Magic Wand Bubble Bar ($8.95 CND):
This ridiculously cute Magic Wand is the perfect present for any of the young ladies on your list. Unlike the traditional bubbles bars (that need to be crumbled), this candy scented bubble bar simply needs to be held under running water in order to create the perfect bubble-filled, hot pink bath. The Magic Wand can be used multiple times making it one of LUSH’s more cost effective products.

Candy Cane Soap ($6.95 CND for 100g):
Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without the smell of candy canes. Using peppermint and almond oils to nourish the skin, this refreshing body soap makes the perfect gift for the super busy lady on your list who doesn’t have time for a soak in the tub, but could still use a little pick me up. I personally have been using this soap for the past month and absolutely love it!

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