The team at Killer Kurves has made a conscious decision to only feature retailers & designers that are Canadian or that ship to Canada. We are happy to say that most international retailers ship to Canada these days, but we do also understand that setting up a seamless intentional shipping system that is void of delays and staggering costs to the consumer can be tricky. But still, there is nothing worse than finding the PERFECT dress online to buy and finding that the retailer does not ship to Canada, and this is where I found my inspiration for todays post.

I have recently discovered an amazing brand of clothing called Eloquii, I am swooning in my chair over their clothes, especially their dresses. Eloquii’s entire line up of clothing is so sexy and sophisticated. They use the most gorgeous plus models to feature their clothing, like Tara Lynn and Ivory May Kalber. I have been excited to do a post featuring the clothing from Eloquii, but when I discovered that they do not ship to Canada, I was a little disappointed that I could not share this beautiful line of clothing with our readers – as I have to stick to our commitment to only feature Canadian brands and/or  brands that ship to Canada. But then I thought of a creative way to feature them on our blog!

Four sexy dresses that I absolutely adore from Eloquii

Beautiful tops and sweaters from Eloquii. I need all of these!!! 

The Obi Belt by Eloquii looks absolutely stunning on many of the dresses and tops that they style it on, it is a must try/buy!

Through this post I would like to give a few tips to my curvy Canadian girls when it comes to international shopping, especially for when shipping is not offered to Canada. As well, I hope to show that Canadian plus size girls welcome the opportunity to shop from international retailers. As much as we love to support our own industry here in Canada, it is no secret that our industry is much smaller, and to be given a greater choice in fashion is very exciting for us. Here are a few tips when ordering online to Canada:

1. Find a Friend: If you know someone who lives across the boarder, this may be a good time to warm up to them! There is nothing better than having a trusted friend that you can ship your order to. And depending on where your friend lives in the states, they can either re-ship the parcel to you, or if they are close enough to the boarder to come visit you they can drive your parcel over.

2. U.S. Address: If you live close to the boarder or don’t mind driving a bit to pick up your item, acquiring a U.S. Address is a great option. It is a good way to avoid Customs fees and a perfect alternative if a company in the US does not ship to Canada. Basically you sign up to their service for free, they then enter you into their mailing system and provide you with their mailing address. When you make a purchase, you use their address with your name, your order is then shipped to them and they store it for you until you pick it up. Usually these companies charge a small pick up fee for using their services. I have personally used the official U.S. Address for shipping and have found it extremely reliable and easy to use and the pick up charge was only $5.00.

3. Access-USA: An alternative to having to drive over the border to pick up your parcel, you can sign up for a service called Access-USA, which creates a US mailing address for you to use for purchases and then forwards the items to your international address. A word of caution: the service can be pricey, but if you are desperate to get your hands on a specific plus size garment then it may be worth it!

4. Split-Up Your Order: If you order from a company that DOES ship to Canada, remember that additional cost from Customs can be charged at your door. I know this situation all too well, there have been times where I have had to pay an extra hundred dollars or so on an expensive shipment. If you are purchasing ONE expensive item I suggest taking route 1, 2 or 3 to get your order. But if you are ordering many different items, it sometimes may be worth splitting up your shipments (depending on how much the company is charging for shipping to Canada).  For example, City Chic in the US, does not charge any shipping cost to Canada. So if you are going to purchase say $100 dollars worth of clothing from them it may be worth it to separate your order into two $50.00 orders if you can – $50.00 seems to be the threshold where they will start to charge Customs or not.

5. Shipment Timing: If you need your item quickly, you should definitely pay the extra money for the quicker shipping option. Slower shipping options are usually sent out by USPS and have a greater chance of being delayed at the boarder. And at this point the shipment is out of the control of the company you have ordered it from and you are now at the mercy of Customs. If a company says it will take anywhere from 7-10 days for your parcel to arrive, it could potentially take longer due to Customs. Again I only suggest this if you are in a rush to get your order, if you are not then sit back, spend a little less money and wait for your parcel to arrive.

And there you have it! I got to feature Eloquii even though they do not ship to Canada (note: under their shipping details they state “Check back to this page for future expansion in our shipping policy” which leaves me hopeful that one day soon they will!). Also, I hope that I offered you a few new options to get your shipment to Canada. If you have any tips or tricks to online shopping in Canada please comment below and let us know!

xo Karyn

UPDATE: As of March 2014 Eloquii has re-brandrd, re-launched and ships to Canada!!!


    • Isn’t it such beautiful clothing? Very sophisticated and pretty! I just got the tan sweater that we featured here with the hints of yellow and black. They had a sweater sale last week, this week all the jackets are on sale and I am tempted to buy them too! I am waiting for all the dresses to go on sale next, hopefully it is soon. I am having them shipped to a friend to get them here! Hopefully they ship to Canada soon :)

  • I see a great deal of frustration on this website from women looking for online retailers of plus size fashionable clothing who ship to Canada. I see no mention of Kiyonna (U.S.) or Yours Clothing (U.K.)!
    Check them out! You will be absolutely floored by the beautiful dresses (Kiyonna) and the huge selection and
    great prices of Yours Clothing! YES! They both ship to Canada and do not charge duty or tax!

    I have more information on U.S. and overseas retailers which ship to Canada and which are reasonable and reliable. Send me an e-mail if you would like to know more:

    • Thank you Marisa! I love both Kiyonna and Yours Clothing, I will be sure to add them to our plus size directory. And it is nice to hear your review of them. As I have never personally ordered from them so it is good to know someone who has tried them! Thank you for your help and for taking part in helping all of us beautiful canadian plus size women find great clothes!

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