This morning we were invited to a media event for Toni Plus. Not only were they featuring their new Spring 2012 collection but it was a celebration of being in business for 20 years, which is a true milestone in the Canadian plus size industry.

The event was held in the Toni Plus Shop-in-Shop concept at the Bay Queen Street, downtown Toronto. It was early in the morning and we were spoiled with lots of delicious breakfast treats, great fashion, and were able to speak with owner Toni Tiraborelli herself. It only took a few moments into our conversation to sense the passion that Toni has had for the plus size industry over the last 20 years. She happily shared one of her fondest memories of Toni Plus’s first customer (who’s name Toni still remembers to this very day!). The customer pleaded with Toni to let her come in to her store, before the doors had even opened for business (Toni’s first store was at Bayview Village Shopping Centre). I can only imagine that customer’s excitement 20 years ago when there was hardly any stylish plus size fashions to be found in Canada.

The Toni Plus Shop-in-Shop location in the Bay Queen Street, Toronto

Since then, Toni Plus has expanded to five locations including stores in Sherway Gardens Etobicoke, Mount Royal Village in Calgary, and most recently in the Bay Queen Street Toronto and the Bay Southgate in Edmonton. Additional locations in major cities across the country are in the works.

Each season Toni scours upscale fashion markets across the globe to bring new and exciting colections to the stores. This spring, Toni Plus introduces NEW designer labels such as TOMO, Basler, Hebbeding and Brax. They are also focusing on developing a Toni T Private Label Brand which will provide a younger look and modern attitude. “Toni T will be a label that our clients can count on to represent quality, fit and trend-right clothing” says Toni. This is very exciting news for the Killer Kurves team! We cannot wait to see what they come out with.

The following pictures show pieces being modeled at the event from the Spring 2012 collection coming to Toni Plus (notice one of the models is Killer Kurves very own co-founder Melissa Shannon!)

Spring 2012 exudes a clean, carefree, modern sophistication. The main theme is an explosion of colour. Black and white unites as wardrobe stapes to punctuate with beautiful, happy, bright colour!

Melissa with Ben Barry and Liis Windischmann

Melissa with Toni Tiraborelli owner of Toni Plus

Be sure to check out Toni Plus this Thursday January 19th on City TV’s Breakfast Television between 8am and 9am (you can catch Melissa modeling in action!), and Friday January 27th at 10am on CityLine City TV.

xoxo Karyn & Melissa your Killer Kurves duo!


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