It’s true that there are a lot of great cosmetics companies from the US, UK and other places around the world, but what some of us Canadian beauty girls tend to forget, are the amazing beauty brands based out of our own backyards. In order to showcase some of the best beauty products Canada has to offer, I will be doing a bi-weekly post featuring some of Canada’s biggest (and smallest) beauty brands. Today’s post is featuring Annabelle Cosmetics, one of my favourite Canadian beauty brands.

The Brand: Annabelle Cosmetics is one of today’s leading Canadian drugstore brands. Owned by Groupe Marcelle, a family owned and privately run company, and known as ‘the house of colours’, Annabelle cosmetics offers a wide range of colourful makeup and makeup accessories. Annabelle is a leader in eye products and has the number one spot in Canada for their best-selling and very famous eyeliners.

The Clientele: While Annabelle’s core target is women between the ages of 16 and 34 years old, they cater to makeup junkies of all ages. With great quality and lower priced products, Annabelle’s line of cosmetics works well for both makeup newbies and makeup pros.

The Products: All of Annabelle’s products are cruelty free, meaning that none of their products, or ingredients in their products, have been tested on animals. Annabelle (and Groupe Marcelle) have made it a mission to be open with their clients, and therefore keep no secrets as to what ingredients are used in their products. The company offers a wide range of beauty products including lipstick, eyeshadow, makeup brushes, makeup wipes and more. Annabelle’s products are always on trend, and offer an affordable alternative to some of the higher end products out on the market today.

My Top Five Favourite Products: I own a lot of Annabelle products and love them all, but if I had to recommend five products from the company, I would definitely choose the following:

Annabelle Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencils ($8.99 CND Pharma Plus):

Annabelle’s Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencils are highly pigmented cream eyeshadows that can be worn alone or under similar coloured powder shadows. These pencils glide on smoothly and last throughout the entire day. With both vibrant colours and soft neutrals, these pencils can be used for all kinds of makeup looks.

Annabelle Smudge Liner Eyeliners ($6.99 CND Pharma Plus):

Hands down, my all time favourite pencil eyeliners (beating out huge names like Urban Decay and MAC) are Annabelle’s ‘Smudge Liners’. These double ended pencils (one end is a pencil, one end is a spongy smudger) are very creamy, making them super easy to apply to both the upper and lower lash line. I use these pencils on a regular basis and have had no issues with them creasing or coming off throughout the day.

Annabelle Single Eyeshadows ($4.99 CND Pharma Plus) and Eyeshadow Quad Palette ($5.29 CND Pharma Plus):

Annabelle’s single pan-form eyeshadows and empty quads are the perfect way to make your own eyeshadow palette. All of Annabelle’s single shadows are very smooth and highly pigmented, making them comparable to some of MAC’s famous eyeshadows. Not only do the empty eyeshadow quads fit Annabelle eyeshadow pans, they also fit other brands of single eyeshadows such as MAC and The Body Shop.

Annabelle 4SHOW Eyeshadow Quad ($9.99 CND Pharma Plus):

Annabelle’s 4SHOW Eyeshadow Quads contain four co-ordinating, very pigmented shadows that work together nicely for a variety of looks. My personal favourite 4SHOW quad is ‘Tiger Eye’, which contains a gorgeous copper, gold, brown and shimmering white eyeshadow. This set is great for travel and perfect for those who struggle when it comes to co-ordinating their eyeshadow colours.

Annabelle Volume Lip Lip Plumping Gloss ($8.49 CND Pharma Plus):

These super vibrant, somewhat sticky, plumping lip glosses are another favourite from the Annabelle brand. These glosses come in a variety of gorgeous (and bold) colours and I am happy to say, what you see in the tube is exactly what you get on your lips. Unlike some of the other ‘plumping glosses’ out on the market, these do not hurt the lips at all, and rather feel nice and moisturizing. Because these glosses have a thicker and stickier consistency, they tend to last on the lips longer that your average lipgloss.

Have you tried anything from Annabelle Cosmetics? Do you want to? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

xo Alicia


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