Last week, we had the opportunity to attend an event put on by Physicians Formula Cosmetics to showcase some of their new Spring 2012 beauty products. The event was held in Toronto in the Bellair suite of the super posh Hazelton Hotel where, we were told by staff, Brad and Angelina sometimes sleep when they are in town. The event was a lot of fun and, we had a great time chatting with everyone from the company, including celebrity makeup artist Joanna Schlip who gave us insider info on all of the stars (Prettier in person? Angelina Jolie! Super sweet? Eva Longoria!).

Of course the best part of the night for any makeup junkie, like myself, was seeing all of the new products Physicians Formula will be releasing in the next month. I was blown away by all of the products we were introduced to at the event. With gorgeous packaging and brand new, innovative technology, Physicians Formula has really stepped up their game for 2012.


pHmatchmaker Powered Blush and Bronzer

These new blush and bronzers are just too cool. Not only do they react with your natural pH levels to create a colour that matches your skin tone in 60 seconds, they are packaged with LED lights that you can switch on when doing your makeup in an area with minimal lighting.

phMatchmaker Powered Lip Gloss

Similar to the bronzer and blush, the new phMatchmaker glosses work with your natural pH levels to create your own customized shade of lipgloss (we saw it applied to two different models at the event and, let me tell you, it works! It looked like they had different shades on). The phMatchmaker glosses come with LED lights, as well as a little mirror on the side of the tube, so you can see when applying gloss to your lips.

Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush and Bronzer/Blush

Adding to their super popular mood boosting line of cosmetics, these blushes and bronzer/blush combinations contain ingredients that are said to help boost your mood. All three products are super smooth and give the face a natural, healthy glow. Of course, we can’t forget the super cute pink packaging and multi-coloured blush hearts.

Cashmere Wear Ultra-Smoothing Blush

This incredibly cute (seriously, it looks like a knit sweater!), pink blush is made with 100% pure cashmere extract to help moisturize the skin and help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. There are three ways to wear this blush: 1) wearing the light pink strips alone, 2) wearing the dark pink strip alone or 3) blending the two colours together for a gorgeous glowing pink cheek.

Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Airbrushing Pressed Powder

Physicians Formula Airbrushing Pressed Powder is an ultra-fine mineral powder made for sensitive, acne prone skin. With great coverage, this powder gives the skin an airbrushed finish. Containing green tea, vitamins C and E and Gingko Biloba, this powder also held reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Season to Season Bronzer

One of Physicians Formula’s coolest new products is the season to season bronzer, which features four bronzers (one for each season), that can be worn alone or mixed together to create your own customized bronzer shade throughout the year. Formulated with a blend of glow activators, this bronzer slowly gives the skin a natural looking and long lasting tan as you continue to use it.

Youthful Wear Line Physicians Formula

Youthful Wear Line Physicians Formula is introducing a new Youthful Wear line consisting of three new products (a foundation, a concealer and a powder) which make skin look flawless while helping to treat signs of aging. With ingredients such as ceramide3 and algae extract, these products help moisturize and tone the skin while supporting collagen production. Here is a closer look at the three new products:

Youth Boosting Foundation: This foundation, which comes with its own blending brush, has a soft and silky, mousse like texture which melts into skin for a flawless finish.

Youth-Boosting Powder: This powder, which comes in both matte and illuminating finish, not only gives the face a smooth finish, it works as a shield to protect the face from pollution and free radicals.

Youth Boosting Concealer: This super cool, 3-in-1 concealer comes with a concealer stick for hiding blemishes, a liquid concealer for covering dark circles under the eyes, and a roller ball cap for blending the concealer on to the face.

Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow and Liner:

These ridiculously cute eyeshadow palettes each contain nine eyeshadows that can be worn both wet and dry for a variety of looks. Each palette is split into groups of three eyeshadows that work together to create a natural, playful or dramatic look (for example, the top three shadows work together for a natural look). Each trio contains a highlight shade, a contour shade and an eye lining shade. There are four new palettes included in the new collection including The Smoky Palette, The Casual Palette, The Nude Palette and The Fashionista Palette.

Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio:

These long-wearing, water resistant eyeliners which come in two trios (a smoky eye trio and a nude trio) are super smooth and glide on the eye for easy application. With a smudge proof formula, and a built in pencil sharpener, these shimmery pencils (they contain very finely milled glitter) are said to stay on for 24 hours.

Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Eyeliner Trio:

These highly pigmented kohl eyeliners, similar to the traditional middle eastern kajal eyeliners, can be worn on both the upper lash and lower lash line as well as along the inner rim of the eye. With a black liner and two other eye enhancing shades, each trio is made to complement different eye colours (blue, brown and green). These liners are said to be 100% waterproof and are safe for the waterline.

100% Natural Origin Lash Boosting Mascara:

This spring, Physicians Formula is introducing the first ever 100% natural lash boosting mascara, which uses a complex of Bio Active Minerals to strengthen and nourish lashes so that they appear thicker and longer. This mascara comes with a large, plastic 100% recyclable brush that applies mascara that does not clump or flake.

We are very thankful to Physicians Formula for allowing us to get a sneak peek at their new Spring 2012 line. For more information visit their website at

Are you excited to try any of the new Physicians Formula products? Are there any products from the line that you would like to see more extensively reviewed? Let us know in the comment section.

xo Alicia

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  • I am impressed by the new line up. Quality products in adorable packaging.

    I’d love to give the nude palette a try. Any idea where these are being sold? I have only seen small sections for Physicians Formula in Walmart or Shoppers, and I have not yet seen these palettes,

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