In celebration of hitting 2000 Facebook followers we have partnered with Gussied Up, and are giving away a $100 gift card to this adorable plus size boutique. The contest is only open to Canadian residents who are able to visit Gussied Up in Toronto, Ontario before October 31, 2012. The prize will be picked up and redeemed in store only. Winner will be announced March 19, 2012.

For those of you who live too far and will not be in the Toronto area any time soon, not to worry! We will be holding another contest for everyone very soon!

Enter below with our Rafflecopter contest widget. You can earn up to 5 entries! Thank you and good luck!

xo Killer Kurves

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  • I love that I have curves that can really fill out an outfit pretty well. Exciting giveaway! I don’t live in Toronto but am there often, Gussied Up is literally a 10 minute walk from my parents’ house and I keep meaning to check it out.

  • I love my curves cause they are me! I love Killer Kurves clothes, live in Toronto, have recently changed sizes and desperately need some new clothes!

  • I love my curves because they are and always will be a part of me! I grew up always being a bit bigger than those around me and as I got older I learned to love every line, every curve, every little part of me. Gaining that love and confidence is what allowed me to pursue my dream of becoming a plus size model and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world :) <3

  • I love finding new sources of plus size clothes. I am so tried of Granny Plus, Ho Plus and Cutie Plus. I want real fashion. I haven;t been in this shop, but I am often near Bathurst and Dupont and will for sure go check them out.

  • I love the way my body looks in my clothes, although it has taken me quite a few years to finally accept this is me and love it! I also love the way my hubby-to-be looks at me and compliments me daily! :)

  • So excited this is a great prize. my fingers are crossed and i sure can get to that store before Halloween!! thank u Gussied up and Kilerkurves

  • I am a woman I am supposed to have curves. The added curves from childbirth and the like are testaments to the accomplishments that grace my life. I revel in the knowledge that I can look into the mirror and like the woman I see.

  • After giving birth to 2 beautiful girls and the since passage of time, my curves are plentiful.
    I love your products and it happens to be that i will be in Toronto in May. Yea!!!!

  • I am so stoked to check out this store! I was looking at he website the other day & made me want to run as quickly as possible to T.O.


  • hmmmm..doesn’t seem to want to let me enter with the “log in with FB” tab…anyone else having problems?
    thanks :0)

  • We are women …we should have curves , curves are sexy , curves say ” You are a woman” embrass your sexy curves …i didn’t always …but I am now ….

  • I love my hips. They looked fabulous when I was younger and 150lbs, and looks just as good now that I’m 230lbs :) They make it super hard to find a well fitting skirt, but they make me feel like a goddess!

  • I actually LOVE gussied up so much. Victoria is amazing and the clothes are totally not even marked up that high. I’d much rather order from her than take a chance on a website ( for example!) so if you’re in Toronto.. Make sure you go, it’s only a quick hop skip and a jump or two from the Bathurst subway station.

    as for what i love about my curves, lets go with the fact that they’re unique in a seemingly shapeless and curveless Downtown Toronto scene!

  • i love being able to look my very best, colour and fashion can make an ordinary day full of extraordinary energy
    i think we all deserve , no matter age weight height or shape to embrace our own self and feel totally unique and beautiful

  • Looking forward to my next visit to Toronto. Always on the look out for stylish clothes that compliment my shape. See you soon

  • I love my curves and feel awesome. It is what makes us all unique and feel like a woman. As well my hubby likes too. I love this site as a great resource.

  • my curves are a part of me… and therefore worthy of love… sometimes get frustrated trying to dress fun and fashionable with the limited choices out there but I don’t blame my body for that! Thanks for this new resource :)

  • I love my curves because they make me feel sassy and sexy, they compliment my personality perfectly. I don’t think my attitude would work as feel without them!

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