Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the PR launch for Jeanne Beker’s plus size line EDIT by Jeanne Beker for Addition Elle. I was so excited to meet the Canadian fashion icon who I have grown up watching my entire life. After our brief meeting I received a call from the Marilyn Denis Show saying that Jeanne wanted to do a segment on me and my closet on the show… ┬áneedless to say I nearly passed out from excitement.

Yesterday, Jeanne arrived with the Marilyn Denis Show‘s producer and film crew and we went on a tour of my closet. After we looked through everything, we set out to go shopping at three of my favourite stores in Toronto, including Gussied Up, House of Vintage and Addition Elle. Jeanne is an absolute inspiration to myself and so many women across Canada. Everywhere we went people would stop her to tell her how much they love her. It was so amazing getting to spend an entire day with her.

Below is a sneak peek at my closet for you. My segment will be aired this coming friday December 14th at 10AM EST, make sure to watch it if you can!

Ok ok… my closet is an entire room! haha

Some of my most loved pieces hanging up.


I love accessories especially necklaces.

My little vanity that I absolutely adore. And yes… that is a GIANT canvas of myself lol

Monkey was on the show too! He wore his best suit.

Showing off his little holiday suit.

What could be in this tiny armour?

It is Monkey’s closet full of his clothes!!! (He may have more clothes than me…)

Those who know me well, know that I have a bit of an obsession with Anna Nicole Smith, and yes I have all of her Playboy covers framed.

That’s my boyfriend and I in that picture frame.

I also love Marilyn.

Just outside of my closer it where I keep all of my bags, coats and boots.

Some of my wide calf boots that I love!

Jeanne and I looking cute for the camera.

My most prized possession in my closet. Anna Nicole Smith’s dress from her re-launch into the public eye in 2004. This dress was custom made for her by Heatherette.

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