Gone are the days of the large blue and yellow storefronts of Penningtons, you should now start noticing a new sleek and subtle Penningtons logo gracing the front of the stores, which is much more attractive. As well, they have been re-creating the inside too! There is a brand new Penningtons¬†location that has opened up across from Sherway Gardens in Etobicoke, Ontario and it is absolutely stunning inside. The new Penningtons¬†is more of a boutique style, the change rooms are absolutely adorable, and my favourite part… SELF CONTROLLED FANS IN THE CHANGE ROOMS! Because lord knows that a plus size girl can break a mean sweat while trying on clothes haha. Brilliant!!! I hope to see more Penningtons locations like this across Canada very soon. xo Karyn

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  • This my first time seeing Killer Kurves and I love it. The Plus-Size Models are gorgeous and it’s great they’re embracing their curves. Keep up the good work and stay full-figured, sexy.

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