I have had a lot of people asking me lately what kind of plus size shapewear I like to wear, so I decided to take a moment and feature a few of my favourite shapewear pieces. I used to wear Spanx all the time but found them to be just way too constricting and uncomfortable; and heaven help me if I had to go to the washroom while out in them!

I also found sometimes Spanx would push my wobbly bits in directions that looked much worse under my clothing than they did in the first place. So I have come to realize that Spanx may not be for me and that it may be better to just enhance my own curves with other support options.

Lately I have been wearing a few key pieces from ADDITION ELLE that I really like as they are comfortable and offer enough support to look great in a dress without feeling constrained. Also, they are also much more affordable than a lot of the other shapewear options out there.

First let me introduce you to my favourite panty, the Seamless Full Brief Panty with Back Shaping. I love this panty and basically wear it every day. I have about 20 pairs of it in both nude, black and pink. It offers a nice amount of support in the front and shapes your booty in the back. And the seamless edges or the panty make it perfect for wearing under every kind of outfit.

Seamless Full Brief Panty with Back Shaping

Next is the Long Bandeau. This one is so perfect to add a little support under a tighter shit, skirt or dress. You can wear it above the chest giving support down to your hips. Or under your chest providing support over your hips onto your legs. This is a great option if you hate taking full shorts shapewear off and on to go to the washroom; it is a much more freeing option.

Long Bandeau

And then we have the Body Wrap. I like both the Body Wrap Hi Waist Long Leg Panty and the Body Wrap Hi Waist Brief Panty. They both give a greater support when you need it and have special little straps so that they don’t roll down. Each serves its own individual purpose well. While the long leg Body Wrap provides support from under the chest down through your thigh, it will look great under a longer skirt, dress, or pants; it also helps with the dreaded chub rub between your thighs. But sometimes I find if I am wearing a shorter dress that the brief panty Body Wrap is much more effective as the long leg one can peak out or cut into my thigh and create an extra roll there that I don’t have. So both can be very useful you just need to plan which you will need for your specific outfit first.

Body Wrap Hi Waist Long Leg Panty

Body Wrap Hi Waist Brief Panty

And lastly, my bra. Now usually it comes down to personal preference for bras. But I thought I would share two of my favourite ones that help to achieve a great shape. The T-shirt Bra from ADDITION ELLE provides a nice and natural support for your bust and is seamless under clothing. I get some many women asking me what bra I have on under my outfits and 80% of the time it is this one in either black or nude. It is my go to bra! And when the warmer weather hits and I am wearing many more strapless items I then go for the Contour Strapless Bra which provides great support without straps and doesn’t fall down like other strapless ones tend to do.

The T-shirt Bra

Contour Strapless Bra

Here is a picture of me from a post I did a few months ago, I love this dress but I definitely needed some support under it to pull it off. Under this dress I have on the The T-shirt Bra, the Seamless Full Brief Panty with Back Shaping, the Body Wrap Hi Waist Long Leg Panty, and to pull it all together I also layered the Long Bandeau on top of it all (maybe a little too much but I was going to appear on TV that day! haha)

And that is it! I hope these options help you with your search for great plus size shapewear! xo Karyn



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