This past Saturday I was gallivanting around Toronto checking out a craft show and various antique stores downtown; as some of you know I am moving into a new house in May so I am on the hunt for some fun vintage finds and unique pieces to fill it with. Anyways, on my travels I see this beautiful and super stylish curvy girl walking in front of me. Personally, when I see a fellow curvy girl rocking an outfit I get so excited inside, I just had to stop her and tell her how fabulous she looked and find out who she is and see if I could feature her on Killer Kurves. And thankfully I did stop her because I found out that she is a wonderfully talented woman from Hamilton Ontario. Her name is Heather and she is totally stylish, creative and is the mastermind behind a cute and crafty line called Needlings.

Here is Heather on the day that I met here. Her coat is from ASOS, her tights are from We Love Colors, her shoes are from Rocketdog, her bag is David Jones, and her mom made her cowl and actually sells them online too! You can check her mom’s Etsy store out here.

When I got home I emailed Heather from her business card that she gave me and asked her if she could send me a picture of what she was wearing under her fabulous coat, I remembered seeing a cute dress peaking out when she walked but it was too cold and windy out to ask her to take it off for a shot. Here is her super cute dress that she got from Torrid a few summers ago. I totally knew it was from Torrid before she even told me, they always have cute dresses like this. And her little sweater is from Joe Fresh.

And here is a pic of her Needlings creations. They are SO cute!!! I am totally getting myself a custom Owl to match my new bedroom!

And that is it! Do you think you have amazing street style? Feel free to send me your pictures to and I may just feature you too! xo Karyn

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