Today I want to introduce you to an online brand called eShakti. They custom make dresses for women of all sizes; starting from a size 0 all the way up to a 36! I love when I find a site that carries beyond a plus size 24 or 26. eShakti specializes in making super cute dresses, and the best part is… they will customize your dress for you for next to nothing.

So here is how it works, when you visit you will search through their selection of dresses, when you find a style you love, you choose it and you are taken to a page where you can modify your dress. For example, if you love the style and print of a sleeveless dress but you wished it came with sleeves because you don’t like to show off your arms, well then, eShakti will add sleeves for you! Or if you wished that the dress wasn’t so short because you are uncomfortable showing off your legs, well then, they will make it longer for you. They can alter the sleeves, length and neckline. They will also ask you how tall you are so that they make the dress the right length for you! eShakti‘s entire business model is just brilliant, and the prices are very affordable too.

So far I have ordered two dresses from eShakti and both have fit perfectly. I usually wear a 2X, so I ordered a 2X and both dresses fit me exactly how a 2X should. But say you are not a standard size and you have a very pear shaped body and wear a size 16 on top and a 26 on the bottom, well eShakti has that covered! You can have the dress made in a custom size just for you for only a small fee of $7.50. If you have a wedding to go to or need bridesmaids dresses made in all different sizes this is the perfect place to get them!

And just a tip, if you register online with you will receive $25.00 off your first order! Look for the link on the homepage for this.

Below are a few shots of me in my most recent dress that I ordered from eShakti.


xo Karyn

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