Those who know me well, know that I have a serious fashion magazine addition and always have them laying around everywhere (which drives my boyfriend crazy). I have even tried going digital with my addiction in an attempt to keep the magazine clutter at bay, but I still can’t stop buying them! The smell of a fresh cut magazine and the way the pages feel on my finger tips and the sound they make when I flip through them is literally intoxicating. The colours, the stories and the layouts; fashion magazines are my inspiration!

Growing up, all my girlfriends loved magazines like VOGUE, Cosmo, InStyle; and they would scoff at me, why? Because I loved Canadian fashion magazines. As if I wasn’t fashionable enough because I wasn’t reading VOGUE. But there was something about my Canadian fashion magazines that made me desire them. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that they showed me fashion and beauty products that I can actually purchase in my country, or that the editors wrote about topics that I could identify with as a young Canadian woman. So I disregarded their comments and stayed loyal to my Canadian roots. This isn’t to say that I never flip through the odd VOGUE or two, I most definitely do, I like to stay on top of the latest trends around the world. But when it comes to those Canadian fashion mags, I am addicted!

In a recent interview with Jeanne Beker I remember her talking to me about my magazine addiction and asked me how I was able to identify with fashion magazines when they are filled with images of slender models and advertise clothing that wont fit me. I paused for a minute to think about it, because truth be told, I have never thought about it before. I had always looked to magazines as inspiration, and had the ability to visualize the clothing in my size. From the inspiration from the magazines, I would go on a search to create my own version of what I saw inside them. Jeanne agreed commenting that “this is what a true fashionista would do”.

Of all the Canadian fashion mags that I love, there is one that has always stood out among the rest… young, fashionable, bright and fun, LOU LOU magazine has never disappointed me. Since 2004, when the first issue of LOU LOU magazine hit magazine racks across Canada, I have been in love. With LOU LOU there is one major difference… they always strive to include plus size fashion. LOU LOU magazine (as far as I can remember) has always added a few outfit options throughout their fashion sections that catered to the plus size reader, and it was always so exciting to see something that actually came in my size inside. In later years (on their website) they launched a dedicated plus size fashion blog and directory. These additions were part of the inspiration behind Killer Kurves.

I adore LOU LOU and after seeing their past two issues (April 2013 and June 2013) with their plus style sections, I thought it was time to give LOU LOU a big shout out and thank you for always supporting plus size fashionistas! It would be a dream to collaborate with LOU LOU to create more amazing plus size features with them!

How about you? Do you read LOU LOU? Do you have a favourite fashion mag that you can’t live without? Comment below!

xo Karyn

Below: LOULOU June 2013 issue Plus Style feature staring Rebel Wilson who I absolutely adore! 

Below: a Plus Size E-Talk feature from the April 2013 issue of LOULOU.

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