Today I want to take a moment to talk about something that drives me crazy, which is fashion rules! Especially when they are rules that apply to size. You know the ones I am talking about, the ones that say plus size women should never wear stripes, or skinny jeans, or bright/bold colours or prints and so on, and so forth.

I bring this up today because yesterday I posted an outfit post of me on the Killer Kurves Facebook Page in a new dress I got from ASOS. This prompted one plus size follower to leave a rather negative comment on my photo. Now usually I do not get upset at any negative comments left on my blog or Facebook, I put myself out there online and it is just part of what I do. I do not take it personally. But this is something that I see time and time again not only on my page but on many other pages. Plus size women putting down what other plus size women are wearing, spewing out fashion rules like they invented them.┬áHere is what the comment on my photo said…

“Flower prints do not, and i repeat, do not suit plus sized ladies. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure it out lol.”

Uhm… really? I never would have thought that I couldn’t wear floral prints. That thought has actually never gone through my brain, not once. But thanks to this follower, I now know that I SHOULD NEVER wear floral prints. Thank you kind stranger for pointing this out to me. Thank you for letting me know that I am not allowed to wear something that I felt beautiful in. Thank you for perpetuating what society has taught you and for spreading this body-hating information to me and my followers. Thank you for making me, for a second, question what I wore yesterday. Thank you for all the young plus size girls and women that saw your comment on my photo yesterday who will imprint that information into their memories and avoid trying floral prints or anything too bold for societies liking.

Maybe we should all just stick to wearing black clothing that covers every inch of our bodies so that we don’t offend anyone else. Because that is what your rules are about, offending other people. Does it scare you that my dress makes me look too big and bold? Does it offend you that it draws attention to my big body? Because I can’t really think of any other reason for your comment, or for this rule.

I have this funny little idea that we are all just tiny little organisms (some bigger than others) living on this tiny little rock floating through outer space. And the idea of one of those little (or big) organism wanting to wear a floral print dress because she feels beautiful in it being offensive enough to you, that you had to comment one her picture and let her know that plus size women SHOULD NOT wear floral prints, seems absolutely ridiculous to me. But what do I know? I am not a “rocket scientist”.

Plus size bloggers, models, companies and people have created this amazing movement in the plus size industry over the last few years. This movement has inspired women to feel beautiful and has let society see our beauty. But old school ways of thinking, especially from fellow plus size women, hurts this movement. This negative way of thinking and talking is very problematic because it represses women, especially those who do not fit into societies idea of perfection. As a plus size woman, I would think that you would want to break free of these expectations and rules, not enforce them.

Fashion rules are meant to be broken, this is what makes fashion fashionable. Without breaking the rules there is no change and therefore no fashion trends. We would all be wearing the same boring thing and the plus size woman would be left with no options at all.

I do not dress to make myself look thinner. I do not dress to hide my body, and I do not conform to silly fashion rules.

I do dress to compliment my curves, and I do wear what I want and what makes me feel beautiful and happy.

I may not be a “rocket scientist”, but I am smart enough to know that I look damn good in my floral print dress!

xo Karyn

P.S. The title of this blog post is a joke, there are no rules in fashion!


  • Good for you. I think you look great and the floral maxi dress is especially nice. I agree with what you say, there is an attitude that it is almost an offence to look bigger. What a funny old world we live in. Wear what you like and if you feel good then you will look good and sod the ‘fashion police’ who want to insult anyone who is bigger than a stick insect.

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