As I pack for my Summer vacation, to spend an entire week up north at a cottage in Muskoka lazing in the sunshine, I started thinking of a certain playful pinup… Hilda.

I discovered Hilda about a year ago, and being a curvy and (natural) redhead, I fell immediately in love. If you are not familiar with Hilda, it is time that you learn about her because you are about to fall in love with her too! Recently, Hilda has risen to fame as the “Forgotten Pinup” with blog posts popping up all over the internet showing off her curvy cuteness.

Hilda is a vivacious redhead created by Duane Bryers. She has a youthful and fun persona and her images are filled with outdoor adventures and messy mishaps; this is why she came to my mind while packing to go up north. Hilda seems to be embrace a rustic cottage type lifestyle, even though she is ultra girly.

Yes Hilda is very nice to look at, but I think there is something a little sweeter about this pleasantly plump pinup! She exudes a confidence beyond my wildest imagination. She embraces her body in all sorts of situations and seems happier than anything doing so. I would think that was Bryers’ intent; to show a women of size that is happy, sexy, feminine and carefree. Mix all that up with her clumsy demeanor and you have a very charming and lovable character.

Then I got to thinking, we all need embrace the Hilda inside ourselves. We need to laugh off the little things and enjoy life a lot more. Don’t worry if you have a tummy, if your thighs touch or your hips giggle when you walk. Go on, get out there, get a bikini on (or at least a one-piece) and have some fun! Enjoy yourself and this beautiful earth that you walk on because one day you will be gone, and believe me you will probably regret it if you don’t.

I was going to post one or two images of Hilda below but she is so addictively adorable that I have posted a lot more for you to look at! These images were illustrated by Duane Bryers between 1957 and 1970.

Enjoy and Bon voyage! xo Karyn

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