If you don’t know Gemma Collins yet, let me introduce you! She is a beautiful blonde British plus size reality star from the show TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex) and she also designs her own line of plus size clothing named Gemma Collins.

A few days ago Gemma was captured by the Daily Mail wearing nothing but a bikini while on vacation in Dubai which has gone viral. GASP! A fat woman in a bikini! Absolutely shocking! Alert the media… this is front page news!

I can’t believe that this is even an issue in 2014. It is as absurd as the time when women were arrested for indecency if they showed an inch of their bare body on the beach. And the comments, oh lord the comments… people are actually commenting on the article saying she is offensive for wearing a bikini. I have said it before and I will say it again… we are all just little organisms floating around on a tiny rock in the universe. Let’s all just get along, have some fun at the beach in whatever we want to wear and enjoy our lives for the short time that we are here. It is all about perspective and if you think this is offensive than you perspective has most certainly been warped by society, congratulations on being a slave to the media!

As annoying as it is that this is ground breaking news, shared for internet trolls to make rude and uneducated commented on, I absolutely love Gemma for rocking a bikini and not giving a f*ck! These pictures are empowering and make me want to find hot two-piece for this summer!

And to end, I leave you with this quote…

“How to get a bikini-ready body… put a bikini on your body.”

It’s that simple! Then End.

Gemma Collins Bikini 1

Gemma Collins Bikini 2

Gemma Collins Bikin 5

Gemma Collins Bikin 6

Gemma Collins Bikini 9

Gemma Collins Bikini 8

Gemma Collins Bikini 4

Gemma Collins Bikini 7

Gemma Collins Bikini 3

Gemma Collins Bikini 10


Now I am in the mood for some bikini shopping! Check out these cute plus size bikini’s for Summer 2014!

plus size bikinis

1. Floral Biking from ASOS  2. Leopard Bikini from Forever21  3. Pink & Black Ombre Bikini from ASOS 4. Red Bikini from Forever21


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