Over the past week I have been inspired by so many beautiful women and I though it would be fun to share four of these women with you! Each has inspired me in a different way and hopefully they will inspire you too!

Enjoy! xo Karyn

1. Elly Mayday

Elly Mayday
Image via Aparte Photography & Elly Mayday Official Facebook Page

The first woman on my list is Elly Mayday! You may remember her from one of my previous posts from a few months ago where I introduced you to Elly, a stunning pinup model who is currently fighting ovarian cancer. Over the course of her chemo treatments she has lost her hair but she has not let this stop her! Elly continues to model and persevere through her fight! Last week Elly posted the image above on her facebook page and it took my breath away! How insanely gorgeous is Elly? She looks just as good bald as she does with hair! I love this girl! To read my interview with Elly, click here.

2. Tanesha Awasthi

Girl With Curves -Tanesha Awasthi
Image via Girl With Curves

Not only did famed plus size blogger Tanesha Awasthi from Girl With Curves just launch her own clothing line, she is also pregnant with her first child! Last week she shared with us her stunning maternity shots and she looks so stunning! She radiates beauty in each image and shows the world that plus size women can rock their baby bumps just as adorably as anyone else!

3. Marie Denee

The Curvy Fashionista - Marie Denee
Image via The Curvy Fashionista

What more can I say about Marie Denee from The Curvy Fashionista other than that she is absolutely fabulous! She is an inspiration to fashion bloggers around the world, and her bubbly personality and positive outlook that shines through in her posts put a smile on my face every day! Marie just celebrated two huge milestones this past week, her plus size fashion blog turned 5 years old, and she hit 100,000 facebook followers! You heard me… ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND! Absolutely amazing! I look up to Marie and have been so lucky to have met her in person! She is proof that if you work hard, your dreams can come true! Congrats girl! xo

4. Lizzie Velasquez

Lizzie Velasquez

Another woman I just discover this week is Lizzie Velasquez. Lizzie was called “The World’s Ugliest Girl” by some trolls on the internet but her TED Talks video response to these people is unbelievably beautiful. Lizzie shows us that we are not the sum of our physical being but instead we can choose to be defined by our achievements and experiences in life. She really shows us that true beauty is on the inside. To hear her story of over coming bullying and finding her true worth, watch the video below!


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