B&M Models, a boutique agency located in Toronto’s fashion district has supplied the world with beautiful faces for over 30 years.

This past year B&M has embarked on a big change for their Above Average division. The demand for diversity in fashion has never been greater. Around the globe fashion weeks are breaking barriers and it’s only getting better with time. With few Canadian agencies representing models over a size 12, B&M saw a void in the market and filled it. Almost fifteen years later, in 2014 B&M grew their Above Average division to 17 uniquely beautiful girls.

With the beginning of something new, something that will continue to grow and prosper, came a new, self-defining, division name….after all…what is ‘average’ now?

Introducing B&M Curvy!!! There’s something fun, sexy and flirty about the word Curvy, which is exactly what these models stand for. B&M and the curve models all agreed that a photo shoot was in order to unveil the new division. Toronto renowned fashion photographer Michelle Aristocrat; a curvy girl herself, was thrilled to be part the project.

We wanted you to get to know these Curvy girls better so we asked them a few questions which you can read here! To check out more beautiful photos of the girls visit B&M Models here.

Author: Melissa Shannon, @VoluptuousModel


Plus Size Model Geneve


Killer Kurves: Have you struggled with size acceptance? And how have you over come it?

For as long as I can remember I have been struggling with accepting my size, and I think I will always have that stored away in the back of my mind. I have learned to embrace and wear my curves through wanting to empower other women struggling with their size acceptance. I think us women are always so critical of our bodies. I work at Sephora and I see it everyday, it is so exhausting! We should all accept and embrace our curves because if you don’t, no one else will.

Killer Kurves: Explain your first life changing fashion moment?

I was a tomboy all throughout middle school; fashion was never really a concern. I wore oversized t-shirts, sweat pants and played basketball with the boys every recess. It wasn’t until my mom took me to a store we all know; Addition Elle, where I found clothes that ACTUALLY FIT. Little did I know that this shopping experience would completely change my life and outlook on fashion. Throughout high school I said goodbye to my tomboy ways and fell in love with fashion, and recently I graduated from a University in England with an International Fashion Business Degree.

Killer Kurves: Describe your first professional modelling job.

(Laughs) My first modeling job was with Karyn of Killer Kurves; we instantly bonded and have been friends ever since. I was 16 and showed up to the studio fashionably late (I planned it out like that) and thought to myself this is the real thing, I could actually be a plus-size teenager and a model. Although my first gig didn’t buy me a car or Uggs, I will always remember picking up my cheque from the agency; my mom insisting on snapping a photo with me holding the cheque; and finally having hopes of making it as a plus-size model.


Plus Size Model Christina


Killer Kurves: How did you get your start in modelling?

I played a plus size model on Degrassi when I was younger and that was first time I realized there was such an industry! I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go out to LA and shoot for Torrid which was one of the biggest American Plus Size retailers at the time. I loved the experience so much and wanted more! I signed with my first agency in LA and NYC when I was in my teens and started modelling in Toronto about 7 years ago.

Killer Kurves: Describe your personal style.

I have so many different styles, sometimes I feel like having a total glam day with some killer heels and a blowout but other days I feel like rocking a pair of ripped jeans, high-tops and a beanie. I think if I didn’t model I would be covered in tattoos and have some crazy haivr! But for now I guess I could call it something like urban chic?!

Killer Kurves: How has modelling changed your life?

I have met so many beautiful people that are all different shapes and sizes and have learned so much about being confident and always bringing out your most beautiful self. I have also fallen in love with the fashion industry a long the way, getting involved in the production side of things and being able to meet so many talented people. I can’t picture my life without fashion and being able to model.


Plus Size Model Sheen


Killer Kurves: Describe your personal style

My personal style would be a casual college girl. I don’t like lots of colour or crazy prints, everything needs to be simple and I love to layer. Big chunky scarves, black tights and over-sized sweaters; I love being comfortable but still looking stylish, pulling the outfit together with a designer bag, some sunglasses or a baseball cap.

Killer Kurves: What advice would you give to your thirteen-year-old self?

Have fun, one day it will be super cool that you don’t look like everyone else; be healthy instead of worrying about what size you are and stop trying to over compensate with how you feel about your body by making sure you have all the greatest and latest things; you’re an awesome girl focus on that.

Killer Kurves: Explain your healthy lifestyle and how you maintain your curves?

Make smart choices; I’ve been 75 pounds heavier in the past and it was all lack of knowledge. You should always let yourself indulge, that’s what life’s about BUT everything in moderation. Some tricks I use are; order your Starbucks half sweet non fat; grab your chocolate almonds from the bulk section so you don’t eat an entire bag etc. I also enjoy exercise to try and stay firm; low weights high reps to cut fat and the stair master to allow myself to be in a calorie deficit so I feel less guilty when I do indulge.


Plus Size Model Meg


Killer Kurves: How did you get your start in modelling?

Way, way back… about 22 years ago, there was a Plus size boutique in Toronto (no longer there) that produced a catalogue with curvy beautiful women modeling their clothes. A friend handed me the catalogue and suggested I find out how I can become one of these models. The boutique, that produced the catalogue, also ran its own modeling agency at the time and so they invited me to come in. I met with the booker and owner of the agency. They asked me to walk for them, they took a few polaroids and the next thing I knew, I was signed. I was booked for my first shoot for Hudson’s Bay the same week I signed on. 22 years later, I am still modeling.

Killer Kurves: Have you struggled with size acceptance? And how have you over come it?

I am one of those people that never thought I was “too big”. My Mother is a plus-size woman and she is absolutely gorgeous. She never apologized for her size and her mother (my grandmother) never did either. I come from a long line of proud, tall, curvy women who just own it. However, I do know what size I like to be and that is a size 16. I find when I creep up to a size larger, then I prefer to be my usual size 16. So, I will find myself uncomfortable when I go outside of “my size”. I have never longed to be a 12 or 10. I just somehow knew that the size I am now is where my body was comfortable. I am now older and so my concerns are more in my flexibility, remaining toned and fit to keep up with my kids and life in general.

Killer Kurves: What would you like to see change in the Canadian “plus size” fashion industry?

I would like to see most lines designed up to sizes 24, 26 etc…It should just be the industry norm to produce a fashion line that will not segregate over half of the population. Plus size is still so under-served in North America. It will be a happy day when the words “plus size” are no longer used and it is a standard that you go in to a store, see something you like, and it will be normal to have it in your size.


Plus Size Model Katrina


Killer Kurves: Explain your healthy lifestyle and how you maintain your curves?

I workout everyday either at the gym or doing a hot power yoga class. Strength training helps keep my curves toned and the yoga helps maintain flexibility! I love the feeling of a good sweat feeling refreshed and energized. I plan my meals for the day and make sure my fridge is stacked with healthy whole foods and snacks! Green smoothies and kale is my go to energizer booster I love taking photos of my creations and posting them to inspire others to live healthy! I practice visualizing and meditation to keep my mind balanced and full of positive thoughts!

Killer Kurves: How can curve models in fashion magazines help young girls view themselves positively and promote self love & size acceptance?

When young girls can relate to images they won’t feel like they need to mold themselves into something they are not. By having more diverse curvy models in print campaigns this will reassure women that beauty comes in different shapes and sizes and to love your curves! Especially for young teens who are going through puberty their body is constantly changing, having fuller looking models will help them feel like they are beautiful too! Images are extremely influential and I love how we are helping shape the fashion industry in a positive way with a powerful message!

Killer Kurves: Have you struggled with size acceptance? And how have you over come it?

When I was younger I was always the tallest girl in the class and a bit “bigger boned” and never felt like clothes fit me properly. I went through a period where I lost weight to fit into stylish clothes that my classmates and friends wore to “fit in”. I soon realized that I wasn’t the problem but the retail and fashion industry because there wasn’t enough curvy sizes for young teens! As a professional model my mission is to promote healthy curves and positive body image to include diverse models and clothing sizes to fit all types of body shapes! Fitting into clothes and having them feel good is a huge part of positive self esteem and happiness! I hope to show designers that there is a demand for diverse sizes and hope to be a role model for diverse figures and “in between” sizes!


Plus Size Model Joby


Killer Kurves: What are 3 things people would be surprised to know about you?
– I hate shopping (laughs) too damn long, just thinking about changing myself over and over gives me goose-bumps. Odd thing to say for a model, I know, because I do this constantly for my work but for myself I dread it.

– I am solitary wolf, I am not a social person. I like to be left alone but don’t get me wrong, I’m able to socialize for my work and everything but nothing more. Mostly because I am a reserved person by nature.

– My goal would suprise most people. Despite my status as Super Canadian Top model, I would prefer to remain on a low profile the most that I can.

Killer Kurves: Should style change with age/size or does anything go?

Who cares, as long as the person feels comfortable in their shoes! I believe the best trend is to love yourself. Once you do that, you can wear anything and make it look great.

Killer Kurves: How can you inspire women to love themselves?

Stay away from harmful people, they will drain you. Stop molding yourself to meet other people’s expectations. Start believing in yourself, your intuition is key.



Plus Size Model Britt


Killer Kurves: How did you get your start in modelling?

I started Modelling in 2010. I entered a modelling contest called Canada’s Next Plus Size Model put on by Addition Elle. I had never done a photo-shoot in my life but had always loved performing so it was right up my alley! I was VERY excited when I was announced the winner of Canada’s Plus Size Model at Toronto LG Fashion Week. I made the move from B.C. to Toronto and started my incredible journey into the Plus Size world of modelling!

Killer Kurves: What advice would you give to a model starting out?

The advice I would give to a model just starting out would be to just GO FOR IT. Have no fear and really put yourself out there. Take care of yourself, exercise and eat healthy. Have you seen Ashley Grahams work-out video clips on Instagram? That girl is a beast! She is curvy, strong, beautiful and totally inspiring. It is really important to eat healthy and exercise not only for body image but for your mind. It helps with having a positive attitude and let’s face it, when you feel good you are unstoppable! We all have talent and I think that if we let fear stop us then we will never truly be happy. So if you sing, SING. If you dance, DANCE. If you want to model then WORK IT. We all come in different shapes and sizes so why not promote self-acceptance! As a plus size model we have the responsibility to change the way women see themselves so I would say be the best that you can be! You never know whose life you could be changing.

Killer Kurves: What is your dream modelling job?

There are so many different modelling jobs that I would love to be a part of. I would really like to do a high fashion cover and spread for VOGUE. What girl wouldn’t!? My dream modelling job would be to do a plus size GUESS campaign. I love the style and sexiness of their shoots. Big hair, smokey eyes, and great clothes. I love their jeans and the all American look. Their shoots have a lot of Anna Nicole Smith, Marilyn Monroe, ‘real woman’ feel to them. I think having a plus size girl for GUESS would be really exciting and would give women confidence to be and feel sexy.


Plus Size Model Meredith


Killer Kurves: How can curve models in fashion magazines help young girls view themselves positively and promote self love & size acceptance?

Its hard because photoshoots in fashion magazines require a team – the models don’t ever look like that in real life. Even the shoots i’ve done; I think – wow – look at me! who is that? lol! So I think as a model it’s important to be vocal about the village it takes to allow you to look that good. It’s unrealistic for girls to hold that up as a real life standard.

Killer Kurves: What designer/clothing company would you like to see embrace curves at Toronto World MasterCard Fashion Week?

Joe Fresh! I wear so much of their stuff – it’s gorgeous, quirky, well made and affordable. I think they are a fashion brand that fits WOMEN and so because of that I think they should show some curve on the runway!

Killer Kurves: Where do you see the fashion industry in 5 years?

I think we’re in a really cool time for fashion. People are speaking up – they are over seeing unhealthy models, over seeing really young girls in grown up shoots, over hating themselves. It’s a powerful time and i’m thrilled to be a little part of the change.


Plus Size Model Ophilia


Killer Kurves: Have you struggled with size acceptance? And how have you overcome it?

I sure have, especially in this industry. However I have chose not to hide. It’s easy when something is not accepted by the masses to want to change it but that means you have to be comfortable with conformity based on someone else’s standards. That is where I choose to draw the line. Until then, I will not become a “shrinking violet”. Simply put, we are unique and should embrace it!

Killer Kurves: What would you like to see change in the Canadian “plus size” fashion industry?

I would love to see greater diversity in size. As the only size 18/20 model on the B&M Curvy Roster, I would love to see more designers and retailers use models at my size. Fashion is about stretching the limits and thinking outside of the box. I believe that retailers and designers should ensure that representation from all aspects of their customer base is fairly represented.

Killer Kurves: Explain your first life changing fashion moment?

I used to be that girl that hid. I hid in two windbreaker jackets for many years because I was ashamed and unsure of my body. I knew that I had to change but I didn’t know where to start. After an internal struggle I decided to finally unveil my curves by getting rid of my jacket. Ironically the same day that I chose to step outside of my comfort zone I was asked to be in an in store fashion show hosted by Pennington’s. It was scary yet fun and I realized at that point that I could never hide again. Instead I needed to become a voice of confidence not only for myself but for others. Thank you Pennington’s for being a part of my journey.


Plus Size Model Lena


Killer Kurves: What are 3 things people would be surprised to know about you?

1. I used to be a competitive Irish Dancer. It was my obsession in my teens. I wanted to make it into Lord of the Dance. That didn’t happen, but in 2013 I broke the River-dance World Record of the longest line of Irish Dancers on the banks of the Liffey in Dublin, Ireland!
2. I can lick my elbow and do the splits!
3. I am a qualified Social Worker with experience in Residential Care for young people at risk!

Killer Kurves:  What would you like to see change in the Canadian “plus size” fashion industry?

To cater to the “in- betweenies”, I am often told that I am not big enough to work as a plus size model, but I am also not small enough to work as a straight size model. Places like New York or Ireland have broader size ranges and although its crazy to label a size 10 as “Plus Size”, everybody seems to be getting work that way. There is no “gap”.

Killer Kurves:  Explain your healthy lifestyle and how you maintain your curves?

I eat really healthy. I drink tons of water. And I treat myself. I think it’s important to remember to nurture and love your body, as without it we’d just really have nothing left. A lot of people take their health for granted until it may be a little too late.




Killer Kurves:  How did you get your start in modelling?

I was shopping at a plus size clothing store when the owner approached me and asked if I was a model? I laughed and said no. She asked me to go home, take some photos and send them to her. Apprehensive, I went home and did what she said. Little did I know, that moment would change my life. Within 2 weeks I was on my first paid photo shoot and never looked back.

Killer Kurves: What is your dream modelling job?

My dream since I was a young girl was to the a fashion designer. When I got a little older, I realized I hated sewing so I put that dream to the side. Fate lead me to modelling where I could share my love for fashion and inspire women to embrace their bodies and personal style. Like one of my idols; Ashley Graham, I hope to fulfill my fashion design dream and team up with a clothing company or designer to help create a collection and be the face of it!

Killer Kurves: Describe your first professional modelling job.

After being a freelance model for 2 years I received an email from a modelling agent in Toronto asking if I would like to be part of, at the time; Toronto LG Fashion Week. Vancouver based designer Cheri Milaney would be showing her Fall/Winter 2009 collection on a variety of “Real Women”. I immediately jumped at the opportunity. The youngest to walk the show at 25 years old, I landed a full page runway photo in the Toronto Star with the caption that read “This is who I am. This is my body”.


Plus Size Model Meaghan


Killer Kurves: What are your top 3 beauty essentials?

My top three beauty essentials that I cannot live without would be a great facial cleanser, lipstick and hydration/setting spray. I use Babor Cleansing Gel to help maintain clear skin, MAC Rebel lipstick to spruce up my look and Jane Iredale H20 hydration spray to help my skin feel refreshed and moisturized throughout the day.

Killer Kurves: Explain your healthy lifestyle and how you maintain your curves.

My healthy lifestyle begins with a nutritious breakfast everyday. I also host “Sunday chop parties” which entails me chopping up all of my fruits and veggies for the week- I invite my friends to join as well and you can often find us blaring Katy Perry in my kitchen every Sunday.

Killer Kurves: Describe your personal style

My personal style is a mixture of old and new. One of my favourite pieces at the moment is an oversized caramel coloured Club Monaco sweater that my Grampa wore back in the 80’s.


Plus Size Model Lauren


Killer Kurves: Have you struggled with size acceptance? And how have you over come it?

Absolutely. I feel like no matter how confident a person is, there will always be times when they feel uncomfortable or unsure with themselves. That being said, being able to talk and vent with my supportive friends and family that have always made me feel wonderful about myself has definitely helped with my confidence.

Killer Kurves: What advice would you give your 13 year old self?

I would tell her to relax. Stop feeling so much pressure to grow up! Things happen naturally and you have to just let them take place. Also – don’t try to cut your own bangs.

Killer Kurves: Should style change with age/size or does anything go?

I think that style is up to the person that is wearing it. I feel like style changes naturally with age
(I have no desire to wear the clothes I was wearing when I was 13), but if a woman feels confident to wear the newest trends or something daring, she should go for it!


Plus Size Model Karyn


Killer Kurves: What are 3 things people would be surprised to know about you?

Ohh so many! However, three of my well-kept secrets include:
1. I have a business degree from Memorial University with concentrations in contemporary business, small business and entrepreneurship
2. I write poetry… A lot of poetry! And then I’ll add a visual component by creating short films (or rap them)
3. I founded The Support Movement, a mental health initiative that is dedicated to building a foundation to encourage acceptance and support in the mental health community.

Killer Kurves: What is your dream modelling job?

I try not to give myself limitations on my passions in life, but I would love to work with as many creative minds and souls in Canada, The U.S. and Europe as possible. To name specifics, I dream of being on a magazine cover or walking runway again – I use to do runway and I miss it so much; I am a performer at heart. To be part of the curve-movement on a runway or magazine cover, perhaps even raising mental health awareness – that is my dream. I want it all!

Killer Kurves: What designer/clothing company would you like to see embrace curves at Toronto World MasterCard Fashion Week?

Swoon. Dean and Dan Caten. I fell in love with DSQUARED2 when I saw their runway collection themed around the outdoors, trapping and lots of plaid- seems so long ago! They found their way to my heart with all their vibrant, memorable shows and amazing antics. They just never disappoint, and that’s why I would love to see them embrace curves. Every one of their shows is bold, epic, brazen, theatrical… I think it would be interesting to see curvy models in that kind of setting. They’ve also travelled the world and have seen first hand so many types of bodies and women and their beauty- it would be interesting, to witness how so many different cultures and societies molded their idea and view of the ‘curvy’ woman. Plus, they are born performers along with their models – it would be an honour to work with them!


Plus Size Model Tierra


Killer Kurves: How did you get your start in modelling?

I got my start in modelling by taking some pictures I printed off of Facebook into the first agency I researched, B&M Model Management. It seemed liked like they deliberated for about a minute and then said Yes! The rest is history.

Killer Kurves: Who is your favourite Curvy model? How has she inspired you?

Denise Bidot is my favourite curvy model. She has inspired me by being comfortable in her own skin. Being able to do it all; be a mother, model, maintain friendships, etc.

Killer Kurves: Describe your personal style.

My personal style changes with my mood. Sometimes I’m in heels and full hair with lipstick at the grocery store. Sometimes I’m in track pants with my hair in a bun going out to dinner. I rarely follow trends, I do what makes me feel good! Period.

Author: Melissa Shannon, @VoluptuousModel

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