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On May 6th we celebrate International No Diet Day – an annual celebration of body acceptance, including fat acceptance, and body shape diversity. This day is dually dedicated to promoting a healthy life style with a focus on Health at Every Size (HAES) and in raising awareness of the potential dangers of yo-yo dieting and the unlikelihood of success.

In celebrating International No Diet Day, a collective of strong, diverse women came together to form THE SUCCULENT SIX – a team of pseudo-superSHEroes united on a mission of body acceptance. Their goal: to STOP THE FOOD FIGHT. For just ONE day – stop the brow beating, fat shaming and self deprecation that women (and men) face day in and day out. Shoot the censors, cast off the constraints, and LET IT ALL GO for just ONE DAY.

The Succulent Six and Toronto photographer N. Maxwell Lander have produced a photo series (samples attached) celebrating decadence, diversity and beauty at any size. They have paired with Award-Winning Toronto social justice program F-YOU: The Forgiveness Project to bring F-YOU: Food this Friday May 6, 2016 at The Forgiveness Project Headquarters, 401 Richmond St W. F-YOU: Food will feature members of THE SUCCULENT SIX and a live panel discussion of body acceptance, self love and forgiveness.

The SUCCULENT SIX question the idea of one “right” body shape, and celebrate beauty at ANY size. They aim to help end weight discrimination, size bias and fat phobia. And most of all they champion a day free from diets and obsessions about body weight. In the words of the SUCCULENT SIX, “if we can start with one day free from body policing maybe, just maybe, we can secure the other 364.”

They are big. They are strong. They are beautiful. And they are PROUD of who they are. They invite you to do the same.


Cookie Cutta

Cotton Candy Sandy

Cupcake Charlie

Dirty Dottie Donuts

Sammy Sundae

Succulent Six -1

Succulent Six -3

Succulent Six -4

Succulent Six -5

Succulent Six -6

Succulent Six -7

Succulent Six -8

Succulent Six -10

Succulent Six -11

Succulent Six -12

Succulent Six -13


BUBBLEGUM BETTY: Annika Reid – plus size blogger, designer and model – @thestylishreid

COOKIE CUTTA: Rachel Marcus – plus size model – @rachi3babii

COTTON CANDY SANDY: Ashley Sharman – plus size model – @the_canadian_ashley

CUPCAKE CHARLIE: S. Ivory Conover – plus size model, performer & former Miss Canada Plus – @pureivorydotca

DIRTY DOTTIE DONUTS: Julia Connelly – plus size model and makeup artist/hairstylist – @sheplus_­artistry

SAMMY SUNDAE: Belle Jumelles – plus size burlesque dancer and model – @bellejumelles

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