Today I want to share a website that I absolutely love, They are an awesome online retailer that carries the largest range of designer sunglasses, prescription eyewear, contact lenses. I have purchased sunglasses from them in the past and was so happy with them that I thought it would be fitting for me to work with them to share how great they are with you! My initial purchase from them was a pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses that I get so many compliments on. This time I have chosen four different styles by another favourite brand of mine, Givenchy.

The first pair I chose were these stunning red sunglasses – Givenchy GV 7009/S. These glasses are super trendy, totally fabulous and come in black, havana, white and beige too! I love their vintage cat eye flare combined with a more modern shape and details.

Photo 2016-06-22, 9 15 27 AM

Photo 2016-06-22, 9 16 03 AM

Photo 2016-06-22, 9 15 11 AM

The second pair that I received are the Givenchy GV 7010/S. They are a classic wayfarer shaped sunglasses with a more modern look to them. I also love that they are slightly larger than the standard wayfarer shape and I adore the corner arrow detailing!

Photo 2016-06-22, 9 20 49 AM

Photo 2016-06-22, 9 21 00 AM

Photo 2016-06-22, 9 21 06 AM

Next up are the Givenchy GV 7000/S, like the pair above these are a modern version of a wayfarer with there simple and sleek in design. These are perfect for someone who wants a fashionable pair of sunglasses without looking too flashy.

Photo 2016-06-22, 9 19 39 AM

Photo 2016-06-22, 9 18 06 AM

Photo 2016-06-22, 9 17 44 AM

And last but not least is a style that I was a bit unsure of, but I see so many celebs rocking this style that I just had to try it! These Givenchy GV 7001/S sunglasses are super trendy for Summer ’16 with their round frame and instantly make you look like a true fashionista.

Photo 2016-06-22, 9 23 24 AM

Photo 2016-06-22, 9 23 42 AM

Photo 2016-06-22, 9 23 45 AM

And that completes my sunglass-tour for you! I truly love their their service and selection of top designer glasses.

xo Karyn

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