My Journey to Foot Pain Relief and Freedom from Plantar Fasciitis.

My collection of Tide Sandals by Vionic

After years of wearing flimsy flip flops religiously every summer, it happened… the warnings heeded to me by my elders – “you’re going to ruin your feet in those things” – had come true! I went from a normal functioning young adult to feeling like I was 100 years old in a matter of days. Heck, when this all happened my grandpa actually was 100 years old and could walk better and further than me!

Out of no where, my feet ached, particularly my left foot. Walking anywhere became a dreadfully painful burden. Simple things like getting out of bed in the morning to go to the washroom were a literal nightmare – the pain was excruciating. I would ask my boyfriend to drop me off at the front door of places like the grocery store while he went to park the car just so I could avoid walking. And no matter how much I tried to explain my pain to people, they all thought I was just being lazy – no one understood me. My struggle to function everyday was embarrassing and depressing.

After months of dealing with the pain I gave up on thinking that it would go away on it’s own. So I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis – which I had never heard of before. After doing a bunch of research to learn about this condition, I came to find that SO many people suffer from it at some point in their life, but thankfully there was hope! Most people reported that it goes away, although the down side was that it can take a long time to heal – in some cases years. From that day on I was on a mission to fix my foot – buying every gadget and device to cure it. I even did something I never thought I would do… I got orthotics – although I never found much relief from using them and they only fit in certain shoes.

Come the next summer, I was in complete and utter limbo when I realized.. I COUND’T WEAR FLIP FLOPS! What was I going to do?! How was I going to achieve my easy breezy boho chic summer style? Orthotics and flip flops obviously do not go together, so I started researching. I found many shoe brands that had orthotic technology built into them but they were all lacking when it came to the subject of style.

After weeks of searching I came across a stylish looking orthotic shoe brand called Vionic – and guess what, they actually had flip flops and sandals that were not only cute but looked to have great arch support. Now I won’t lie, I was a little hesitant to go from spending $5 – $10 for a pair of flip flops to $80 – but desperate times called and I decided to splurge. And thank the good lord above that I did as it ended up being the best $80 I’ve ever spent!

The first Tide by Vionic Sandal that I purchased.

When my Vionic Tide Sandals arrived I still had pain in my foot, and as soon as I put them on I felt an immediate sense of relief. I wore them all Summer long and ended up buying them in just about every colour that they came in at the time. I would wear them day and night and I swear they are the reason the pain in my foot subsided after almost 2 unbearable years of living with it – I can walk for miles now and not even flinch! And I kid you not, to this day, even in the winter, I religiously wear my Vionic Tide Sandals around the house. My original black pair is still alive and kicking 4 years later (seen in the group shot above) – definitely worth the original $80 I spent on them! They actually have a range of Slippers too that I need to try!

Recently, I have been lucky enough to work with Vionic to share my story and try some new styles of Vionic shoes and I am in love with all of them! I had yet to try a more dressy style from Vionic so I requested the Solana Heeled Sandal and I was very impressed with their look, quality and their comfort level – see below.

Me wearing my new Solana Heeled Sandals. Dress by Rue 107.
Solana Heeled Sandals by Vionic

I was also excited to see that they had created a platformed version of my original and favourite Vionic! The Vionic Tide Sandal now comes in the High Tide Platform – so naturally I just had to have them! The thicker sole gives them a slightly more dressy flip-flop vibe.

Me wearing my new High Tide Sandals by Vionic. Dress from Forever21+.
High Tide Platform Sandal by Vionic

And lastly, one of my new favourites that saved me on three back-to-back excursions that meant six crazy adventures running through airports all over North America, are my new Kea Slip-On Sneakers. Honestly, if it wasn’t for them I may have missed a flight or two – they kept my feet in check while racing through the airport!

Kea Slip-On Sneaker by Vionic

This is my honest and true review of Vionic Shoes, it is a brand I believe in and I have been wanting to share my story about them with you all for awhile. If you suffer from foot pain, which I have come to discover so many people do, or just want to prevent foot pain from every happening then I highly recommend that you check Vionic Shoes out!

You can find Vionic Shoes for sale in many specialty shoe stores or online on their website –

xo Karyn


  • I also love Vionics. High arches and a broken ankle not set properly left my right foot, ankle and shin in excruciating pain. My only problem with vionics is my favorite flip flops (I’m a Florida beach and pool person) are so wide I can’t keep them on. Since my feet are always wet and Sandy the dressier styles that are adjustable don’t work. I WISH they were offered in narrow widths. Any suggestions would be wonderful, because I’m tired of either staying home or ruining shoes. I want my life back!

    • Hi Roberta!
      I just noticed this post – I just wanted to let you know that we do have a new line for Spring 2018 called Beach which features narrower styles of flip flops called, Noosa. I’m not sure what sandal you currently have but if it’s the Tide, that is the widest sandal in the collection (aside from wide widths). Feel free to message us at if you have any more questions.
      Thank you,
      Vionic Canada

  • I could have written this story! My problem was exactly the same, right down to details! Thank goodness I found Vionics. I haven’t tried anything but the flip-flops yet but I’m going too.

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