Oh No! A bunch of little “monsters” are about to have their hearts broken.

Lady Gaga, who is to appear on the cover of the most coveted issue of the year (Vogue’s September issue), has apparently been photoshopped to extreme proportions. Other than wearing a fishtail Marc Jacobs gown and a crazy blonde due, the two images are far from similar.

Today photos of the original photoshoot have been leaked and you can see here the dramatic before and after! It is a wee bit heartbreaking for me as Lady Gaga has always come off as a more real and down to earth artist, who takes pride in her rather quirky and less than “perfect” appearance (when not dressed up in extravagant costumes made of meat, metal or plastic) .

Although I do wonder if the extremity of the cover is just another one of her shock factors. Possibly she did this as some sort of ironic statement against the fashion industry. Here’s hoping! Rumours are the the behind-the-scenes footage comes courtesy of Vogue itself. So maybe this theory could be true. We will wait and see!

What do you think? Is the fashion world pushing Lady Gaga to conform to society’s image of perfection or do you think she is pulling another one of her shock tactics on the world!? Discuss below!!!

Killer Kurves

Karyn is a self-described “plus size fashion addict” who followed her passion and entrepreneurial instinct to create Killer Kurves a Canadian plus size fashion blog, resource and online community that aims to celebrate curves, beauty and fashion.

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