Today is my birthday! And what better way to celebrate my birthday long weekend than with some shopping and a few new outfits!!! Addition Elle has an amazing sale on Jeans this past Saturday (buy one get one 50% off) so I visited my local¬†Addition Elle at Yonge and Temperance to pick up some new pieces for the fall. I also received 40% off one item of my choice for my birthday for being a VIP customer! I found this cute slouchy MXM shirt that I absolutely love and a pair of Levi’s. I don’t think I have been able to fit into a pair of Levi’s since I was a little kid! Here some pics of my new birthday outfit below, I am on my way celebrate with my grandpa whose birthday I was born on, he is turning 100 years old today! #jeansdujour

Red Shirt: Addition Elle

Jeans: Levi’s from Addition Elle

Shoes and Necklace: Forever21

Look! My little dog Monkey came to say hi to everyone! :)

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