A little over a year ago, through a side-project I was working on, I had a serendipitous meeting with an amazing artist named Kyra Kendall. We got to talking and it turned out she literally lived down the alley from me; a 30 second walk door-to-door. We ended up becoming good friends and hanging out the entire summer talking for hours on end and dreaming up ideas over wine and sunshine. In one of our many talks I introduced Kyra to my world of plus size fashion, and being a fashionista herself she absolutely adored what I showed her, and immediately immersed herself in the world of plus size fashion and familiarized herself with the bloggers and icons that exist within the industry.

Come winter we had an epiphany (again over a bottle of wine) that in this day and age, plus size women are not only overlooked in the fashion world, but in the art world as well. There was a a day when the curvy girl reined supreme in the art world but today she is hard to be found; especially when it comes to fashion illustration. These ideas inspired the creation of #kurvesillustrated, a collection of illustrations featuring beautiful curvy women. But who would these women that we would create be? Where would the inspiration come from? And that is when we thought of a brilliant idea to create these illustrations after some of our favourite plus size fashion bloggers and editors!

We truly hope #kurvesillustrated will inspire the everyday plus size woman, will add plus size content to the otherwise lacking fashion illustration world and online realm, and honour plus size bloggers for being such courageous women, changing the face of the fashion industry.

Kyra and I plan on continuing #kurvesillustrated with future installments. There are so many more beautiful women we could have drawn but since we are doing this for free, we can only create a few at a time. We will be taking requests, so make sure to comment below and tell us which curvy girl you would like to see as an illustration. Also, you can enter at the end of this post to win your very own illustration of yourself!

Now let’s get to the illustrations…


Monique from Curves and Chaos is an absolute doll! She features a healthy balance of stylish plus size fashions as well as other interesting articles on travel, beauty and so much more. She is the kind of women that others can easily identify with an love!

CURVES TO KILL – Australia

Welcome to the ULTIMATE curvy pinup girl. Teer Wayde’s posts never ever disappoint! Her styling and modeling skills are phenominal, and whoever her photographer is captures her curves perfectly! I tend to find myself staring at her unique beauty for hours on end and I covet everything she wears!

GABI FRESH – Chicago

Whenever you ask someone who their favourite plus size blogger is, you are bound to hear the name Gabi Fresh. She is the biggest in the biz and exploded when she landed a gig on MTV. She is super stylish and was pretty much one of the first plus size blogger out there… and for this we bow down to her! I actually got to meet her a few days ago and she is just as awesome in person as you would imagine her to be.

GIRL WITH CURVES – San Francisco

What can we say about this modern bombshell? Well first we would LOVE to raid Tanesha’s closet! Her style is to die for and she is always dressed to impress. And it doesn’t hurt that she is absolutely stunning and every photo she shares is spot on.


When we think of Jessica Kane, one word comes to mind… Driven! She has started many plus size initiatives in her life including SKORCH Magazine, Life and Style of Jessica Kane,and  Jessica’s List just to name a few. She is stylish, motivated, and extremely honest when it comes to the articles and topics that she shares with her fans, and for that we salute her!


This is me, Karyn from Killer Kurves. I am not going to big myself up here or anything. Really… I just wanted an illustration of myself done of myself by the fabulous Kyra Kendall (who wouldn’t) haha. xo


Recently I had the honour to work along side Nadia in a campaign for Addition Elle and absolutely fell in love with her. Her blog is famous world wide for her cutting edge looks that she puts together. If you are a true plus size fashionista who loves edgy and current fashions right off the runway then Nadia is your girl! And don’t let her fierceness fool you, she is a total sweetheart!


Nicolette Mason is a contributing editor and columnist to Marie Claire magazine as well as the host of the Big Girl in a Skinny World series on HelloStyle, which totally amazing. But she goes much deeper than this, her blog is a diary of her adventures in international travel, personal style, arts, cuisine and her burgeoning career in fashion writing.


Behind the scenes of Plus Model Magazine is one absolutely amazing woman, Madeline Figurido Jones. Not only is she absolutely beautiful on the outside, but she is just as beautiful on the inside too. In our opinion she has to be one of the hardest working woman in the biz creating a monthly online plus size magazine that she offers to her readers for free. We don’t know how she does it, but she does it so well!!!

STYLE HAS NO SIZE – Netherlands

Run by freelance fashion stylist, Edith Dohmen, who decided to except her size 16 body and inspire the world to do the same! Edith is an absolute knock-out and shows the world that there is no reason to loose weight to be absolutely fabulous & fashionable! Her blog is also a great place for “inbetweenies” who feel left out of the fashion world and need advice.


When I think of a plus size woman who is on top of her game, Marie Denee is the first to come to mind. She is killing it in the plus size industry with features in InStyle, Elle, and People Magazine… just to name a few. She always has the latest info on the industry and keeps her followers well educated and up to date on current plus size fashions, trends, news and issues. Marie is incredibly fabulous and it is such an honour to know her!


As an exciting surprise we wanted to offer every curvy woman that sees this, the chance to win their own custom fashion illustration. Enter on the widget below, and good luck!

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Kyra has been drawing professionally for over 3 years. Before that, she worked in advertising on some very high profile brands. Before that I graduated from the University of Toronto with an honors degree in fine art. She has illustrated for so many great clients – including MTV, the Boston Globe, the Globe and Mail, ESPN, Coty, Baby Phat, and even the Boston Celtics. She also draws for Torontoist.com, brings to life beautiful iPhone Apps, and is a volunteer-teacher of art to three year olds (which requires a little stamina and a lot of glitter-glue). She has also been featured in the Big Book of Fashion illustration, and has had a children’s book published. Kyra loves that bright Tiffany blue, illy espresso, expensive nude lipstick and the slippery feeling of snowboarding down a mountain. Check out her work at www.kyrakendall.com

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